PMG Submission Form Instructions

Please follow these instructions for submitting your notes directly to PMG for grading. By following these instructions, you will prevent any delays in processing your order. If you have any questions about the completion of the submission form, please contact PMG Customer Service at 1-855-GRADE10 (855-472-3310) or 941-309-1001.

  • Submit US and world notes on separate submission forms.
  • Choose only ONE grading tier and/or service per form.
  • Submission guidelines are located on the back of the submission form.
  • Incomplete forms will result in a delay in processing.

Completing the Submission Form

  1. Submitter’s Name and Account #. Print your legal name and fill in your account number.
  2. Ship To. Print your legal name, address, telephone and email address in the space provided.
  3. Ship Method. Select the return shipping method for your order. If you request one of the overnight shipping services, you must have your own account and your own private insurance with the carrier and have the required shipping information form on file with PMG.
  4. Type of Submission. Select either US or world. US and world notes must be on separate submission forms.
  5. PMG Grading Tier. New description copy: Select a PMG grading tier based on note type and maximum note value. If you have notes to submit under another grading tier, use a separate form.
  6. PMG Add-On Services. Select the PMG Service(s) that you desire, if any. If you do not require any PMG Services, leave this section blank.
  7. PMG ReHolders. A note in a PMG holder can be placed in a new holder.
  8. Other PMG Services. Select the service you desire, if any. Otherwise, leave this section blank. Applies to all notes on the submission form.
  9. List Your Note(s). Complete the following section as applicable to your notes. Not all sections will apply. Declared value is required. If PMG determines that notes are undervalued, PMG will assign its determination of the fair market value and adjust the grading fees accordingly. Enter note details here. You must fill in all required columns for each note you add to your submission.
    1. Qty. Enter the quantity of notes for that line. Example: If you have two of the exact same note, write 2.
    2. Country. Enter country of the note.
    3. Catalog #. Enter catalog number (e.g. Friedberg, Pick, etc.) An attribution fee of $5 per catalog number is charged when notes submitted are not accompanied by a proper catalog number.
    4. Date/Series. If applicable, enter the Date/Series of the note.
    5. Denomination. Enter the denomination of the note.
    6. Serial Number. Enter the note's serial number.
    7. PP/Block. Enter plate position or block.
    8. Charter #. National Bank Notes only.
    9. Variety/Pedigree. If applicable, check the Variety or Pedigree box and note the required information/name (e.g. Ford Collection).
    10. Declared Value. Enter the declared value of each note. Put the total declared value in the appropriate box.
  10. Total Fees. Calculate the total fees that are due to PMG.
  11. Payment and Signature. PMG accepts checks, wire transfers and Visa, Master Card and American Express. If paying by credit card, this section MUST be signed for your submission to be processed.

    If you have a PMG member credit, it will be automatically applied to your submission fees (excluding shipping and handling fees). You must still provide a method of payment to be used for shipping and handling fees as well as any amount due above the member credit.
  12. Execution of Agreement. This section MUST be signed to process your submission.

Retain the Submitter copy and return the remaining copies with your notes.

Packing Your Notes for Shipment

  • Multiple submissions can be mailed in the same box and can be shipped back together upon request.
  • Pack the notes in a well-secured, appropriately sized box with the submission form. We recommend packing a box within a box.
  • Securely seal the package with reinforced shipping tape to prevent tampering en route. Any damaged, unsealed or poorly sealed packages will be rejected and returned by the shipper.
  • Clearly write WK (for notes in the WalkThrough tier) or EX (for notes in the Express tier) on the outside of the shipping box. These boxes will be opened first.